Height: 5’5″

Birth Date: 01/19/84

Nationality: Brazilian (Italian Background)

Off-Season Weight: 127lbs.

Competition Weight: 122lbs.

Training Location: Gold’s Gym – Fort Lauderdale, FL

Favorite Training Day: Legs and Back

Favorite Food: Chocolate Chip Cookies, Snickers Bars…. anything with chocolate… Who invented chocolate anyways?????? Grrrrr!

Favorite Training Attire: ALWAYS color coordinated. Lol!

Favorite Figure Pro: Shannon Dey (My Coach)

Hobbies: Spending time with friends and going to the beach.
Personal Goals: I am in school and I want to finish that, get my Personal Trainer Certification and start training people, and help them achieve their goals and feel good about themselves.

Career Goals: My goal in the sport is to qualify to the inaugural 2010 IFBB Bikini Olympia, which I am working very hard for and hopefully place well in it.
First, I would like to talk a little about me. I am a 26 year old young lady who really enjoys life to its fullest. I am a very positive person and I have learned to believe that the sky is the limit. The reason why I started competing was for a Personal goal, and to have a motivation to wake up everyday and feel accomplished by the end of the day. I truly believe that I am a very blessed person, because I have gone much further than what I’ve ever expected. I competed in one NPC Bikini competition just to experience it, and since then my life has completely changed. The night of my contest I got signed by one of the biggest management companies in the Industry, which was unheard of. After that I received a full published page in Flex Magazine, again, something completely unheard of for a rookie. I came to find out I couldn’t compete in the NPC National Bikini Championships because of my citizenship and I couldn’t go back to my home country to compete because they don’t have the Bikini division yet. I didn’t let that get me down, so I petitioned the IFBB Professional League for the opportunity to receive my pro card as an International Athlete and got granted with it shortly after. Then the big invite to become a part of the Nutrex Team, which was (it might sound cliche, but it is true =) ) a dream come true. I have always used Nutrex products and saw their ads in many of the major Fitness Magazines and always thought how awesome it would be to be THAT girl …. then HERE I AM!!! yaaaaay!!! Well … now the sport is the lifestyle I chose and the passion I have!


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